Organise a convention in France

If you are planning a business event – meeting, training, presentation or convention – in France, can you think of a better venue than an original Burgundy wine château? At Château des Broyers, near Mâcon and the famous wine villages of Chardonnay and Gamay, the walls are steeped in wine making history. Here, the main meeting hall is adjacent to the wine production room. And if you step out for a moment, you find yourself amidst acres and acres of vineyards.

What can we offer you and your guests?
Have a look at some concrete examples of our event programs and prices, the possibilities the château offers for impressive product presentations, the facilities and options for in-company training and our offer concerning staff meetings.

Convention Centre amidst vineyards in France
The well-known wine production house Château des Broyers was recently renovated and partly remodelled to create an outstanding countryside meeting place. It is now a venue with a unique atmosphere, dedicated to the free exchange of ideas and information.

Convention organisation support
Organising a successful event for a group of people is a complex job. Fortunately, we have become quite proficient at it, so we can assist you with every detail. Our experienced team knows how to listen, ask the right questions, find out exactly what you want, and then come up with exciting new ideas to make your event positively unforgettable.

Only pleasant surprises
We like to keep things simple. That is why we offer packages with a fixed price per participant. This includes all activities, any technical facilities you need, all meals and even all drinks. Plus of course the professional and willing support of our ever-smiling staff. This makes it very easy for you to calculate the cost of your event, with the certainty that the invoice will exactly reflect the quoted amount. Please have a look at our floor plans and pricing page.
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