Organise a meeting in the countryside in France

Sometimes it is a good idea to get away from it all and organise a project or staff meeting outside the walls of your own company. To go to a quiet place in the countryside, where no phones are ringing, no colleagues wandering in with a ‘quick question’ and where the environment lends itself to the unhindered exchange of ideas. Château des Broyers is such a place. You’ll find the atmosphere in our Burgundy and Beaujolais wine making property most inspiring, for fruitful meetings and conferences.

Utmost concentration on the matters at hand
One of the great things about Château des Broyers is that you have nothing to think about but the purpose of your meeting. From the catering to the technical facilities, everything around your meeting is in the capable hands of our ever-smiling and unobtrusive staff. Quietly working in the background, almost invisible, but ready to assist whenever you need them.

Quality time
The big advantage of meeting at a venue like our Château is the amount of time you can spend on the issue at hand. A full morning session, followed by a lightning fast, light but delicious lunch (we can serve up to 200 full meals in under 45 minutes!), an afternoon session, and you will have done nothing but exchange information. If you like to create some less official moments, we can organise coffee breaks, an aperitif, a quiet sit-down or buffet diner, and even an evening of quiet, relaxed lounging in our cosy ‘living rooms’ with open bar. Our experience is that these moments are valuable to have the daytime information ‘sink in’ and realign the sights in an informal chat with all participants.

One day program or residential stay
Especially if you want to have a drink together after the meetings, it might be a good idea to stay the night. We have 29 luxury hotel rooms, situated on the first floor of the château and in an annexe building. With very good beds, but no TV. We prefer our guests to favour the interaction with each other rather than with a flat screen.

Plenary meetings and general assemblies
With its large convention hall, created in the former wine storage barn, Château des Broyers is an ideal location for important meetings with up to 250 participants. Like a general assembly of a big strategic or commercial presentation. Are you part of the organising team? Why not arrive a day early and stay the night? You’ll be well rested and in great shape to make your meeting a success.