Organise a seminar or training in France

Educational events, like seminars, training & development sessions, in-company workshops, team building activities or brainstorms, benefit from an environment that stimulates the exchange of ideas. Château des Broyers has been renovated and rebuilt with the express goal to become a ‘channel’ for the free flow of information. This is one of the reasons why several big international companies use our chateau as a location for their corporate university.

Intelligent interaction
Our convention and training centre has been designed to make people feel at ease, so they can let their guard down and open up. It is a home away from home that stimulates convivial interaction and discourages isolation. For instance, there is no TV in our 29 hotel rooms, because we want our guests to stay together and keep communicating. All around the premises are lounges and salons where you can sit and chat, play a game together, or just share a glass of our house wine, made in the château itself!

All facilities and services for one price
If you want to organise an educational event in Château des Broyers, we can help you put together a fitting, stimulating program, including recreational activities aimed at forging a bond between colleagues. The price depends of course on the length of your stay and the extent of our support. We will gladly make you a quote for a fixed, all-inclusive price per participant. Read more about our all-encompassing price policy. [ancre link to /organise/Only pleasant surprises]