Product presentations and other relation management events

In the century-old barn where once the wine barrels were stocked, we have created a modern exhibition space, ideal for customer relation events, conventions or product presentations. Here, one day a chain of fashion outlets or a big perfume manufacturer will proudly introduce their new collection to an audience of franchise holders, sales personnel and journalists. A week later, the hall is filled with brand new cars, and milling with enthusiastic resellers from all over the world. Château des Broyers is an excellent venue for product presentations and other events for customers and business partners.

Convention centre amidst the vineyards
The former wine storage barn of Château des Broyers has all the amenities and facilities you need for an impressive presentation. The roof expanse is supported by huge period beams, from which fifteen classic chandeliers are dangling. Below, a big open space without columns offers plenty of room for presentation stands, one or more stages or a full-size catwalk. The double doors allow cars or even small trucks or campers to enter freely.

Multiple sessions in separate rooms
A typical programme consists of a morning conference for the entire group, a quick lunch (we can serve a full three course gourmet meal for 200 people in under 45 minutes!) followed by a series of smaller workshops in separate meeting rooms in the afternoon. These different size rooms can be outfitted any way you like, including hi-fi sound equipment, video projectors and wall-to-wall projection screens.

Wine and dine in style
In the evening, the chandeliers in the main reception hall are lowered to create a more intimate atmosphere. Thus, we transform the hall into a luxury dining room, where dinner is served on beautifully set tables. Our own gourmet chef and his team serve restaurant quality food from the adjoining professional kitchen. And wine made from our very own vineyards.