Team building and brainstorming in the countryside

The French call it: ‘seminaires au vert’ (seminars in the green), where we would probably say ‘get-away meetings’ or ‘countryside seminars’. At Château des Broyers we often welcome groups of employees getting together to brainstorm about corporate development or to work and play together and learn more about themselves, their colleagues and everyone’s role in the group. More often than not, these are eye-opening experiences for all concerned, including the management.

Organising a countryside meeting
If you want to organise a team building session, it is good to know that our experienced staff can help you put together a challenging program evolving around a theme fitting your goals. Even though development is the main objective, we try to add a ‘fun-component’ as well. Development sometimes comes with a little growing pain, but the quiet, relaxing atmosphere of the château and the support of our experienced trainers will help create a positive experience for all.

Team building programs
The best way to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of a team is in a competitive game setting. You could for instance become a wine merchant, invent your own ‘cru’, mix the different grapes, make up a name and try your hand at the market. Or how about following a trained actor and a cinematographer in an endeavour to make a professional movie together? Painting workshops, making sweet deserts, a perfumology session, wine tasting, cooking class, percussion session or participate in the world famous ‘Tournoi des Broyers’ with several challenges, duels and quizzes… we have a wide choice of activities to make your team building event into a big success.