BookCrossing Library

Read & Share

Libraries are always magical places, but they are even more special when the books are shared and travel the world…

BookCrossing, started in the US in 2001, is a very simple concept.

It’s all about sharing and giving books new lives!

The Château des Broyers has had a BookCrossing library, with over 1,000 books for you to read, since 2008. Classics, detective novels, travel memoirs, essays, management studies, comics –  everything you might expect from a library …

How does it work?

Inside each book, you can find a number that allows you to identify it, leave a review and say where you got it from and where you left it.

It’s great fun tracking the book and seeing that it’s now ‘on an oil rig’ in Uruguay or that it was found on a meeting room table in the European Council building in Brussels…

You can help give books new lives, either by leaving new ones at the Château or by taking one of the ones in the library.

Track your book online at: