Creating the Right Conditions for Success

5 Tips for a Successful Offsite

1. Goals

Establish and formalise the goals of the event.
Only if you are fully aware of what you expect to get from it can you fulfil your event’s true potential.

2.    Practical aspects

From the title of the event to the way time is allocated, the setup of the room to the documents for attendees… Put together a list of everything you need to achieve your goals.
Think about things like food allergies,  plan transport and inform all attendees well in advance to avoid stress and create the right conditions for success.

3.    Allow  plenty of time

It’s hard to stay focused for long periods; allow plenty of time.
So-called ‘downtime’ facilitates the exchange of ideas between everyone and helps build team spirit for a better group dynamic.
You might be surprised how strategically important these periods could be for your event.

4.    Think about before and after

To improve comfort, bonding and productivity, consider arriving  the day before or leaving the day after the event. It would be a shame for your attendees to arrive out of breath or end the day constantly looking at their watches!

5.    Delegate

We organise offsites, conventions, etc. on a daily basis, so take advantage of our experience  and let us make your life easier so that you can stay focused on your goals.