Eco-Friendly Offsite Events

Green Events in the Country

For more than ten years, the team at the Château des Broyers has been working tirelessly to find solutions to make your meetings and corporate retreats more eco-friendly.

It’s thanks to the combined effect of a collection of actions – well-researched, carefully considered and constantly under review – that we are able to provide you with a venue that is in harmony with its environment.

When the Château was restored, various environmental solutions were integrated into its design:

  • rainwater collection system,
  • thermal insulation, façades, door and window frames and roofs,
  • separate temperature controls for each space, etc.

While other solutions limit the environmental impact of your events:

  • Waste sorting with all recyclable waste recycled,
  • Limited use of plastics, with glass or recycled containers used instead,
  • Taps and showers fitted with water-saving devices,
  • Limited number of carefully selected cleaning products,
  • Prompting of eco-friendly actions in event spaces and accommodation: heating, changing of towels, turning off lights,
  • Gradual replacement of traditional lighting systems with LEDs, etc.

We have also taken action outside:

  • Limited use of pesticides and fungicides,
  • Control of water consumption for watering,
  • Automatic mulching system for grass cuttings,
  • Renovation of the 19th-century fountain  to reduce water consumption, etc.

Finally, when it comes to communication:

  • Use of recycled paper as much as possible,
  • Communication via digital channels encouraged,
  • Limited printing and recycling of used paper, etc.

It’s an approach that extends to everything we do to really make a difference.

Every small action helps, so join us!