Televisions in the Château bedrooms!

At the Château des Broyers, we don’t have TVs in the rooms ! Here’s why….

The Château des Broyers is a venue for businesses, designed to bring people together when they stay here in their teams. All of the spaces here have been designed with that in mind. Both indoors and outdoors, whether it’s the games provided for your use or the lounge areas, everything at the Château has been designed to encourage discussion, to stimulate interactions, to give you the pleasure of being together face-to-face, to help you get to know each other better… In a word, for Sharing.

Two TVs are provided in the relaxation areas for you to watch a sporting event, news report or programme – a social activity in a ‘shared living’ type of setup.

After some initial surprise, we had many customers thank us for this decision! And tell us how much they appreciated the opportunity to spend more time with their colleagues in a different setting, to disconnect from screens for a few hours… Or even to rediscover their love of reading by taking advantage of the Château’s ‘BookCrossing’ library!

So yes, we always listen to what you tell us in your feedback, but we stand by this unusual choice.

Yes, we read and take into account every feedback questionnaire you hand back to us or message you send us; yes, we look at them in perspective; yes, sometimes we are unsure and we can get things wrong at times but in this place designed to be different to other ‘more standardised’ centres, we are sticking to our decision.