The Birth and Rebirth of the Château

Discover the story of the estate

In 1599, the Broyer family settled on the site that would, centuries later, become the Château. They left their mark, with this spot becoming known as ‘Des Broyers’.

In 1663, under the orders of the Carthusians (a religious order), this then-wooded space was transformed for agricultural and viticultural use. This was the start of the wine growing on the estate that would eventually earn it Burgundy’s highest wine quality classification, ‘Grand Cru de la Bourgogne’.

It wasn’t until 1710, at the request of the vicar general of the diocese of Mâcon, that the buildings we know today were erected.

In 1743, the estate left the ownership of the Church when the vicar gave it to his brother. The Château then passed from family to family over several monarchies, a revolution and two empires.

In this time, the Château suffered a fire and was abandoned multiple times! It wasn’t until November 2003 that the current owners, looking for a site for their project, discovered the Château, which required a lot of restoration work. The ad couldn’t have been clearer: ‘architectural treasure in danger’!

That was when the idea of a place dedicated to businesses could start to become a reality.

The founding idea behind the project was ‘Modernity & Tradition; a place dedicated to people and to helping them succeed’.

It took three years of restoration and reconstruction before the Château reopened its doors in December 2006.

Since then, the Château team has been working day after day to keep this idea, now a mantra for us, alive – to make sure that everyone we have the pleasure to welcome to an event feels at home at the Château and can thrive and succeed.